The Mayors of Boojum

August 12, 2019

Presiding as the Dog Mayor at Boojum Taproom is such a “ruff” job they decided to pick two co-mayors this year (not to mention they tied in funds raised for Haywood Spay/Neuter). Saturday these dogs, Sully owned by Linda and Glenn Witte and Bozlee owned by Laura Blevins were sworn into office. Sullivan Witte (Sully), looking regal stated “As a rescue dog myself my administration will work to make sure all my furry friends are treated with love and kindness no matter where they come from or what breed they are. As a senior I have the experience to realize that spay and neuter is at the root of our shelter problem and I will work with organizations like Haywood Spay/Neuter to make this life saving service available to all. Thank you for your vote of confidence and please serve the cookies.” Bozlee Blevins added that he ran his campaign on “Adopt Don’t Shop” and “Don’t Delay! Neuter and Spay!” Bozlee states that he was adopted as an infant from Sarge’s, and given the best loving home ever. He is very grateful to friends and family who voted for him as mayor. He promises to continue spreading the word about spay and neuter and the services provided by Haywood Spay/Neuter. The induction was crowded with rooting fans!

Boojum patrons were encouraged to bring photos of their dogs in and register them for $10 to be included the election. As people came and looked at the photos of the candidates they could vote for a dollar each vote. It was fun to go in weekly and see who had the most votes. All the registration money and fees went to support the services of Haywood Spay/Neuter. Both Mayors encourage others in their district to get ready to compete for their positions next year!

Corrine Baker, of the family owned Boojum Brewery and Taproom, and her family have a love for dogs, all dogs! They have served as foster parents for many rescue dogs in this community. They are also involved in several dog charities. Corrine states that she is very appreciative of the people that came in and entered their dogs and those who paid to vote and did not win. It was a fun fundraiser for all those involved.

Nancye Buelow, President of the Board of Haywood Spay/Neuter said “We are humbled by the efforts of Boojum on our behalf. Our volunteers work very hard for every penny we raise and it was really nice to go order lunch or dinner, vote and raise these funds for the people in our community who need assistance with spay and neuter. We are grateful to the patrons of Boojums who supported this fundraiser.”

Boojum Brewing Company has been in Waynesville since 2014 and employs over 70 community members. They have an array of brews on tap. Their tavern is named after the Boojum, a shadowy figure known as the bigfoot of North Carolina, who has roamed these mountains for years.

Haywood Spay/Neuter also known as Haywood Animal Welfare Association is a 501C3, nonprofit, community service organization. It has been in existence for over 64 years. They have sponsored over 25,000 spay and neuters since 2003. For more information on spay and neuter services call: 828-452-1329.